Woodbridge Chapters Helps Teston Village Public School on #givingtuesday #loveofreading

Some of our new books!
Just a few of the new books we have purchased through the Indigo Adopt a School program!

I can’t begin to express how grateful I, and the rest of the staff and students of Teston Village Public School, are to the staff and customers of the Chapters store in Woodbridge. At the beginning of the school year, we were approached by Customer Experience Manager, Terry Jordan about the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation and their Adopt a School program. We signed up, and shortly thereafter were a part of a Canada-wide contest to win up to $10 000 in new books for their school library. Well, we didn’t finish in the top three in Ontario, but customers at the Woodbridge store made individual donations totalling almost $4000. Online donations from friends, families and the school community brought in another significant amount of money.

Mr. Monahan and Mr. Jordan in the Kids Section at Chapters in Woodbridge
Mr. Monahan and Mr. Jordan in the Kids Section at Chapters in Woodbridge with a few special picks from the staff at Chapters gift wrapped for our students.

While the Adopt a School results were amazing, there was another surprise for us this past Tuesday. As part of #givingtuesday, Chapters made another $5000 donation to our school. Together, this means that Chapters and their customers have donated almost $10 000 to Teston Village Public School. On top of this, we are able to stretch our book buying dollars further, because when we buy books at Chapters in Woodbridge, we are able to get a discount on the sticker price of the books.

Students and staff shouldn’t expect to see all of the books show up at once. Purchasing will be spread throughout the year. A couple of priorities are to get some high quality, hardcover picture books and top up some of the very popular chapter book series that we have. Below, students and staff can find links to submit book suggestions for the library (NOTE: I don’t need any more suggestions for Rick Riordan, Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries. I’ve already purchased lots of those).

Once again, on behalf of all of the students and staff at Teston Village Public School, a special thank you to Terry Jordan, the Woodbridge staff solicited donations and Chapters-Indigo for the Adopt a School program and their generous #givingtuesday donation.

I’ll share more updates on our book purchases here soon!

Making in the Learning Commons

Grade 3 students from Ms. Kaur’s class created this igloo using cardboard and our Makedo kit. They’d been reading about the process of Photo of Igloomaking an igloo, and watched a National Film Board video on how igloos were constructed before beginning their own. Students from other classes who have visited the Learning Commons have had a chance to explore the igloo and it has caused a lot of excitement. Students who built the igloo learned to work as a team, how to use simple tools, and their imagination. One of the best things I heard while watching the students work was “This is the first time I felt like a real builder!”  It has sparked discussion about writing a play that uses the igloo as a prop and students are also working on tutorial videos to teach other students how to use the Makedo tools.

Makedo tools and screwsThe nice thing about using the Makedo kits to create is that everything is reusable. The plastic saws, screwdriver and connectors are all safe for school and will be reused when we take the igloo apart. Even most of the big pieces of cardboard can be recycled into other projects. Teachers who would like to borrow the Makedo kit should talk to Mr. Monahan

Kathy Kacer Author Visit – September 30

Kathy KacerAs part of a special event for 10 YRDSB schools, Kathy Kacer will be visiting Teston Village Public School on the morning of September 30 to talk to grade 6, 7 and 8 students about her newest book Stones on a Grave. This book is part of the new Secrets series from Canadian authors Kelley Armstrong, Vicki Grant, Marthe Jocelyn, Nora McClintock, Teresa Toten, and Eric Walters. Five of these authors will be visiting two YRDSB schools each on the 30th and in the evening Aurora Grove Public School will host a free event beginning at 7:00 pm, where students from the 10 schools can come and meet all five authors (Kacer, Armstrong, Grant, Walters and Toten). This would be an amazing opportunity for some of the avid readers who have been coming to visit me in the Learning Commons. In addition to her recent book she will talk about the process of collaborating with six other authors, the Second World War, and the Holocaust.

There are audio samples of one chapter from each of the books on the series website. The book “Stones on a Grave” itself will not be released until September 29th. You can also download sample chapters for iBooks in iTunes.

Book Exchange Begins Monday

I’m happy to announce that book exchange will begin on Monday, September 14. Thank you all for your patience as I prepared the library to be ready for you.