Grade 3 students from Ms. Kaur’s class created this igloo using cardboard and our Makedo kit. They’d been reading about the process of Photo of Igloomaking an igloo, and watched a National Film Board video on how igloos were constructed before beginning their own. Students from other classes who have visited the Learning Commons have had a chance to explore the igloo and it has caused a lot of excitement. Students who built the igloo learned to work as a team, how to use simple tools, and their imagination. One of the best things I heard while watching the students work was “This is the first time I felt like a real builder!”  It has sparked discussion about writing a play that uses the igloo as a prop and students are also working on tutorial videos to teach other students how to use the Makedo tools.

Makedo tools and screwsThe nice thing about using the Makedo kits to create is that everything is reusable. The plastic saws, screwdriver and connectors are all safe for school and will be reused when we take the igloo apart. Even most of the big pieces of cardboard can be recycled into other projects. Teachers who would like to borrow the Makedo kit should talk to Mr. Monahan